This was the first video game I ever played. I remember it like it was yesterday except I was way smaller and I thought simple things were awesome. My grandfather would say, “When I was a kid we played with pieces of wood and threw rocks at each other for fun.”  I’m gonna tell my grand children, when I was a kid I played 8-bit games with a controller, they are gonna look at me like, ”Grampa what the Obama is a controller?” and I will say, “don’t use so vulgar language.” Get it because the swearwords of the future are gonna be different…maybe not Obama but you never know, it is the future. Anyways C&D was one of the first co-op games I played also.

My brother and I would get bored really quickly so instead of working together we would try grabbing the other character and throw them at the bad guys. Always fun!  So the game opens up and a little girl gets kidnapped by Fat Cat the classical Nemesis from the cartoon, well at least that is the first thing Chip and Dale suspect.  So you run through the first platform level dodging robot dogs, bees, mice, and sparks.  You can collect stars, flowers, and acorns but it seems like a lot of effort for nothing.  So each level ends with a “Boss” and like most Nintendo games it only takes 3 hits to finish of the giant robot thing.

As the story goes on you get to fight lots of different bad things that try to kill you.  Team work is very key to this game and the ability to pick up the other character is very beneficial when trying to reach certain areas.  The problem I found with the game was that you can’t save your progress and if you die your done, just like real life.  This did not stop me and my brother from absolutely dominating this game.  Here is a video of pure domination!

So if you want to have a good time playing this game download a NES emulator for Mac or PC and download the game!

The cool thing about technology these days is you can save the state.  Good Times

Have Fun!

Sean Trank


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