Hello dearest readers,

I am so happy to be addressing you at times like these.  What time is it you say?  Well it is that time when I have collected all of my most valuable thoughts and have drank the appropriate amount of coffee in which my mind can spark from one thought to another completely unrelated thought in just a matter of seconds.  In technical terms my mind in overdrive and you will probably be either very interested in what I have to say or very confused.

Todays topic is a video game called civilization, of which I played last night and defeated the entire world in less than 24 hours which is in fact a new personal record.  Let me tell you a little about this game, it begins at the beginning of the world, yes the creation.  According to the designer of the game your people have sprung up out of nowhere and have chosen you out of all the people to be their leader.  You need to find a good place to start a colony.  Once you have procured this place you simply build your city and worry about everything that real-life civilizations worry about. For example, defense, offence, food, money, government, trade, growth, and scientific discovery.  There are three ways to win, the first way is to destroy all the other civilizations or be the first civ to go into space and colonize planet X, which looks like earth but with way more shiny things.  The third way to win is to making lasting friendships with you neighboring civs and build enough nukes where no one will ever mess with you.  I prefer the first technique, because it is much quicker which tell you all a little bit about me right?…

Anyways last night I was the Chinese, because they are good at math and they make good food.  I quickly built an army and instead of founding my own cities I just conquered a few of my neighbors and stole their gold and recourses.  I have no shame.  I decided to put all of my funding into scientific discovery so I could be the first to discover gun powder just like the Chinese in real-life did.  Well to make a long story short I did that and pretty much dominated the two other world powers, the Greeks and the Mongols.

OK I just lost interest in telling you about this 8-bit game… so




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  1. Aaron Trank says:

    Somebody needs to port the game as an app in google chrome. That would be awesomes!

  2. Sean–
    Civ 2 is my favorite and most played game of all time..actually i developed somewhat of an obsessive habit and had to destroy the cd and have my roommate delete it from my hard drive…and i never beat the game past easy mode…dang


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