I recently read through the Genesis narrative and through the story of Noah. I have yet to see the film so this blog will not be about the film. It will however be about the book of Enoch which is considered extra biblical and not part of the widely accepted cannon of scripture due to various reasons. I read the book of Enoch after a person on facebook posted a quote from it that spoke about the nephilim which are briefly mentioned in the Genesis narrative. The book is very interesting and reading about the different reasons it should or should not be included as canon are a very debated subject. As a Jewish person who believes in Jesus I am more inclined to accept this book because of how clearly it points to Jesus as the messiah of God who would come save his people. Though most Jews disagree today, I think to dismiss the book just because of this would be as ignorant as dismissing Isaiah 53 or Daniel 9 because of their close connection to Jesus. As always, it is my goal to look at such text with openness and a fair assessment and I hope this blog helps you to do the same.



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Here are some interesting facts about Enoch

Which canonical, New Testament book quotes the Book of Enoch?

Jude. See Jude 1:14-15. Jude also contains other allusions to Enoch, and Jude also alludes to another Pseudepigraphal work, the Assumption of Moses.

Enoch was descended from Adam by how many generations?

7. See Jude 1:14: “And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam…”

What do we know about Enoch from the Old Testament?

He walked with God and was taken by God. See Genesis 6:19-24. Methuselah was the son of Enoch, not vice versa. It was Elijah who was caught up in a whirlwind.

What three places does Enoch tour in the Book of Enoch?

Earth, sheol, and heaven. The story is that Enoch–when God “took him”–was shown the mysteries of the universe and the whole future fate of humanity.

Which church father referred to the Book of Enoch as “Holy Scripture”?

Tertullian. The other three expressed a negative attitude toward the book, which soon lost favor outside of Ethiopia. Today, it is a part of the Ethiopian canon.

Fragments of Enoch were discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

True. This indicates that the book was well known among the Jewish sect of the Essenes, and we know its influence also extended to the early Christians.

What are “The Watchers” in the Book of Enoch?

Fallen Angels. This is also sometimes translated “diligent guards.” Enoch interprets Genesis 6:1-4 to mean that fallen angels had sex with human women, who in turn gave birth to giants. These giants led the people astray, ate up all their produce, and turned on the people and attempted to eat them too.

Enoch intercedes with God on behalf of which angel, who taught the people the art of weaponry?

Azaz’el. God orders Raphael to bind Azaz’el in chains and cast him into darkness, where he is to be kept beneath rocks with his faced covered so that he may not see the light (Enoch 10:4-6). This language is alluded to in Jude 1:6.

What is the name of Enoch’s wife?

Edna. In Enoch 85:3, Enoch mentions the name of his wife. Adah was a wife of Lamech, Eve of Adam, and Lilith was Adam’s legendary “first wife”.

In the symbolic history of Israel recounted in the Book of Enoch, what is represented by a white bull with great horns?

The Messiah. The patriarchs are symbolized by oxen and the Israelites by sheep.

A complete text of Enoch was preserved in which language?

Ethiopic. Only fragments survive in the other three languages. Scholars are uncertain whether the book was originally written in Aramaic, Hebrew, or a combination of both. The oldest surviving complete manuscript, in Ethiopic, dates from the 15th century.

According to the Book of Enoch, which fallen angel misled Eve?

Gader’el. Enoch 69:6. Gabriel and Raphael were not fallen angels, and they serve God throughout the Book of Enoch. Gabriel is mentioned in the New Testament and Raphael is mentioned in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit.

Which angel shows Enoch the names, place, and origins of all the heavenly luminaries?

Uriel. Michael also plays a part in the Book of Enoch and discusses the judgment of the fallen angels with Raphael.

What is the last event Enoch witnesses in his vision of human history?

The establishment of the messianic kingdom. Much of the Book of Enoch was written prior to the Maccabean period, although some parts may be as late as the 1st century B.C. In it, Enoch is shown the whole of human history.

The book of Enoch is not a part of any Jewish or Christian Bible Canon.

False. It is part of the canon of the Ethiopic church, but it is not recognized as scripture by most Christians.


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  1. Hey Sean, I have always been really interested in Enoch and the book of Enoch in general, so I really appreciate this post. Thanks, look forward to checking out the resources you listed when I have time.

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