It is true, each round gets significantly harder.  I made a quick fun update video for you all.  Please watch share and like.

Round four is scheduled for the first week in February and I will be doing radiation for the first time along with it.  All of these treatments have been more taxing on my body and mind than I can express in words.  I think I understand the context of Romans 8:26 a bit better now when it says.

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.

In the last four days as I was trying to lay perfectly still and in to much pain to sleep I found myself talking to God about everything.  As I reflected on what has been happening in my life I took great comfort in God’s word that says.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.  For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Romans 8:37-39

Jesus endured pain that I can’t even begin to imagine.  The fact that He did so on my behalf… all of our behalf’s, is absolutely amazing and in my suffering I stand in awe of how much weight the sacrifice of Jesus was for us.  So after being diagnosed with uncertainty, going through several toxic treatments that destroy my body, and feeling some of the worst physical pain in my entire life, I praise God for my circumstance, that God Himself has felt this pain and worse and knows.

God is good all the time.

Be Blessed

Sean Trank

PS Please comment your thoughts about God and Pain.  Also don’t forget to Share/Like.  Also check out my wife’s amazing blog here.


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  1. Laurie Calkins says:

    That video made my day! You have such a great sense of humor! I pray you are feeling better and hopefully that tumor got totally eradicated! god be with you. In Christ, Laurie

  2. Glenn Harris says:

    If I was in my early 20’s again, I’d totally want to learn Parkour!
    The Harrises continue to pray for you. We will pray extra hard the first week of February.
    All our love, Sean!
    Glenn for the mishpochah

  3. Lorenda J. Dunham says:

    Thank you Sean for sharing your journey. Having to think when you are feeling awful is hard. Praying for you and your wife that God will continue to heal and sustain you through this time.

  4. Patti Friedlander says:

    Hi Sean. I’m Rachel F.’s mom. My hubby and I are committing to pray for you and by doing that we are expecting a God-move in your life/body. Two Scriptures I read last evening comes to mind right now. One is from I John 3:8b which says: “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” The second Scripture is from Acts 10:38: “…how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.” I’m quoting these Scriptures to dispel any temptation to receive this cancer as if it were from God. It’s not. I am saying with confidence that it IS God’s will to heal. And I’m saying all this without having a clue as to your view of God/healing/sickness. 🙂 What a way to begin, eh? But, just so you know, Hubby and I will be praying that Jesus gets all He paid for on the cross in and through this battle of yours, and that His kingdom will come (to you), and His will will be done on Earth (in your physical body) as it is in Heaven (and there’s no cancer in Heaven). So may His kingdom come and manifest healing in every cell of your body! To the glory of the God of Israel! “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever, and ever. AMEN” Ephesians 3:20.

    Joining the battle with you.

  5. Bobbie Howard says:

    Sean love the stunt double! Glad you got out praying all you are doing between chemo rounds builds you up and creates an army of cancer cell eliminators. …. Standing with you and Sarah. Mike and Bobbie

  6. Amy Kossover says:

    I am inspired that you maintain a sense of humor in the midst of suffering. Praying for you. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.

  7. Wayne Dunham says:

    Quick story Sean re Ro. 8:26..that is my verse too! 34 years ago, I was unsaved and running from The Lord. I was in a boating accident, with a fractured neck, broken pelvis and on maximum morphine because of my pain. My wife invited a pastor over who shared the gospel with me in my hospital room (I never remembered him being in my room, because I was so blown away on pain killers). My wife told me the next day during a moment of some mental awareness) that I had prayed with the pastor to accept Jesus Christ. Never remembered any of it. But I was saved!

    Ro.8:26 became my testimony! The Spirit prayed for me! Blessings, Praying for you! Wayne CLIM FL.

  8. Joan Waldman says:

    Sean – My heart goes out to you. I have no words of wisdom, as, I too, am going through a cancer dance. I have been blessed with a few things that seem to help with my part of the healing process. Through meditation I have been able to create a sanctuary where I can go to rest and heal. When I enter this place the Lord is there to greet me and hold me and enfold me in his arms. He creates in me a sense of calm and trust and safety so that I can relax and allow His healing to take place. I pray for His peace and healing for you as well.

  9. Rich says:

    Sean, Sorry to hear of the horrible pain, hopefully it does go away some between treatments. I’m really glad you keep up a sense of humor, you know that’s one way I deal with pain too. So knowing we both have a sense of humor, I told your web collaborators that the best that could happen to you from radiation is if you become a mutant like the X-Men. Maybe with a superpower like you can project videos anywhere you want just using your mind. Seriously, I hope they can really give you stuff to deal with the bulk of the pain. Don’t you just hate pain when it hurts? Prayers continue.

  10. Stephen says:

    Sean, we’re still praying for you over here in Maryland. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

  11. Tamar says:

    I think God gives a special grace for physical pain. While I can’t imagine the intensity of the pain of chemo, I do understand pain when trying to stand, pain trying to get comfortable in bed, pain putting your feet on the floor in the morning, pain trying to do anything, and desperately seeking relief through any means possible.

    Every day pushed me to call out on the name of the Lord in a different way, in a desperate way. The pain didn’t stop but somehow I learned God as a comforter in a new way. I learned his love through pain, and found comfort in his strength. He’s a tender father and I sometimes imagined him grieved as I went through the pain. Sometimes I would just get plain angry and somehow in those moments it was like he showered me with peace and a new understanding of joy. I’ll be praying for those things to hit you in new ways Sean. Praying!

  12. Patti Friedlander says:

    There is a church in Redding, CA whose leadership understands the Scriptures in such a way that the result is very powerful and faith-building (not heretical either :-). The website is worth checking out:
    Testimonies of healings abound. Example:
    They have healing rooms that are open and available to people in need. The move of God in that place is not an overnight phenomena either. It’s been building since the mid-1990’s. If you are interested in going to Redding to receive prayer, my husband says we’ll cover the costs. The name of the church is Bethel Church. The pastor is Bill Johnson. Our prayers on your behalf continue! To God be the glory!

  13. Micha says:

    Last night i was lying in bed and because of some bad back pain wasn;t able to sleep until maybe 3:30 AM after a tiny bit of sleep before hand… and i also was kept awake by my horribly stubbed finger, which my Huntington’s caused me to thrash randomly… and while not falling asleep i was wondering if God had something amazing, because He always does the most amazing stuff when i am tired and drained out. And i can’t wait to see what He will do today… recently i have been using my painful thumb to type and share the gospel in a chat room and last week many in that room turned their lives over to Jesus, just by being willing to speak… while i sure was tempted not to do stuff despite this….. and Sean i can’t wait to hear how much fruit your service to Jesus on this blog and in your videos will bear in heaven when you will sure hear “WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT..”

  14. Praying for you and your family, Sean. You’re a gift to the world. I’m in awe at how many people are seeing Yeshua when they see you. I myself see Him in you. Blessings.

  15. Alan Hueth says:

    sean, DUDE!….hilarious! your sense of humor comes through again…even in the face of one of life’s tougher challenges: cancer The video reminds me of the short film you did about a clueless blonde girl who uses white out (on the computer screen) to make changes on her word doc!! 🙂

    but seriously, have been thinking about you a lot the past two weeks. your name is on my men’s bible study prayer list, and will be getting onto my wife’s women’s study. I do believe in prayer….I’ve been healed of stuff, and my salvation was prayer-powered–lots of people praying for me.

    keep hanging tough in His power and strength, bro.

    dr h

  16. Susan says:

    I’ve never known anything like the physical pain you are experiencing, but I have known emotional pain, when my father was dying of a Traumatic Brain Injury. Caring for his wife who has Alzheimers, and driving 3 hours round trip every day to sit at his bedside in the ICU, flying back and forth between NC and Colorado alternating with my sister so one of us was there, and then seeing and understanding how little the neurologists really know about TBI’s… Watching Dad struggle to wake up then slip back into darkness… Not knowing for sure where he was going after death… And yet it is all minor compared to what you are dealing with, and all of it is nothing compared to what Jesus did for us. Every day, we’d arrive at the hospital, go to the bathroom first to wash our hands, and as I waited for my stepmother, feeling exhausted from the driving and stress, I’d say the same thing: “God, I can’t do another day of this. I can’t. But you can. You have to get me through this.” And every day he did. Dad finally died of heart failure, the day after I had gotten to see him one last time. My sister firmly believes he is with Jesus, and I cling to that belief, because in speaking with my atheist uncle, who asked what Dad thought, he said, “I believe exactly what my girls believe.” He didn’t live as though he knew Jesus, but I pray he did. I’m so thankful for the witness you give in your struggles, because someone like my Dad or my uncle might come across this, and the seeds might be planted, or watered, or grown. God is redeeming your cancer, daily.

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