Doctor said my white blood cell count is way to low to do treatments this week.  He has postponed round two to next Wednesday and we will see how my count does till then.  For now it is isolation and face masks for me.  Here is a video.

This set back will probably effect my holiday plans as I was hoping to be feeling better by Christmas day.  Does anyone have ideas of what I should do if Christmas will be in isolation this year?


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  1. Maybe you could Skype with your friends and family. I will be praying for you!

  2. Linda Storm says:

    skype with friends and family. Watch lots of great Christmas movies!! They are very upliftting…It’s a wonderful life, nativity story, white christmas, ,,or on the funny side home alone, santa clause, etc.

  3. Janna says:

    I see a theme here. Skype with family and friends. Do some blogging. Rest a lot. Ask the doc if they can do anything aggressive to help build up your white count. Chicken soup (homemade). Sleep a lot!

  4. emeba says:

    Did someone mention mass effect? Yeah definitely that.

  5. definitely praying those white blood cells up! It’s awesome that your liver and kidneys are doing so well! Hopefully you’ll be able to feel ok for Christmas, but if you DO have to be isolated… I don’t know, Skype maybe? and plan another day for when you’re feeling better to have a Christmas redo?

  6. Rich says:

    Man, the two of you are such an encouragement to see your attitude. Everyone’s saying Skype so I will say … Google Hangout. Either. Plus movies with popcorn if you can eat and enjoy. Take a virtual trip somewhere on Google Earth. That might just be me, I like maps. Learn Elvish. Watch as many war movies, or dog movies, or some theme movies as you can.

  7. Paul Reeves says:

    Hooray!!! (from the medical perspective). Boo (from the social perspective). I woke up praying for you this morning Sean. We will continue supporting you. Love you both!

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