This video is a quick update and thank you to all who have supported through the indiegogo project.   I wanted to record this video before I start round two.  Enjoy.

Sean Trank Versus Lung Cancer Logo


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  1. Rich says:

    Thanks Sean, this was so good to hear in detail how things are going. I noticed you were looking around you at lot especially at the beginning, watch out for the Rose Alley ninjas, they are everywhere.

  2. Laurie Calkins says:

    You are such a cool guy! I’m a nurse in Califirnia. Praying for you nonstop…….

  3. Jill LaMotte says:

    Sharing your battle with cancer tempered by your love of God is so inspiring to all of us in Virginia. We are with you and hope you feel our love and support. From a friend of your mother-in-law

  4. paulfpavao says:

    A friend told me about you. Her name’s Joy, and she knows your parents. I’ve been in remission from acute leukemiafor almost two years. They called me young and strong, too, and I was 50! They think there’s almost no chance I’ll relapse because they gave me full blast chemo and radiation before a bone marrow transplant.

    Though I had leukemia, I had a weird version that produces skin tumors, usually before there’s any normal leukemia symptoms. I had four when I went in the hospital, one *inside* my lower lip. That one was tiny. I had two, each the size of a Reese’s Cup, on my back.
    Anyway, the reason I’m telling you that is because my chemo shrunk all four tumors to nothing in four days. Noticing changes once the chemo starts usually means they chose the right chemos. It’s really good news you’re noticing the improvement. Sorry you went through all the nausea. They warned me about headaches from the nausea medicine they gave me (usually Zofran), but I never got them, and the medicine worked. I had a lot of problems, but nausea was a rare one.

    I’ll join those who are praying for you.

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