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I love King David, he is an amazing example of a conquer who is also in touch with his feelings.  In this moment in my life I can relate a lot to him.  It is almost as if David is a natural blogger.  If David had WordPress he would far surpass me in his expressions of what was happening in his life.   David shows raw feeling and grit as well as praise and worship in his relationship with God and it is all on display for us to see in the Psalms.

Today I am reflecting on Psalm 20, please read it.  My first encounter with the words of this psalm was at New Hope Christian Fellowship hearing it in the form it was intended, a song.  It was a song that when you hear it your hands go up in praise and you are caught up in how awesome God is.

Something else I have been reflecting on is this term called “Nadir.”  My boss, Susan Perlman, asked me if I have heard the word before and I had not.  She explained it as meaning the lowest point of the side effects of Chemotherapy.  I looked it up and it applies to all situations defined as the lowest point in the fortunes of a person or organization.  This got me thinking about another bible character like David who was a messianic figure but faced much more suffering.

In this week’s parsha Va’Yigash, which is read all over the world by my Jewish people, we are in the finally of the story of Joseph.  If you don’t know the story of Joseph don’t work just watch this video or read Genesis 37, 39-45… (see you in an hour 😉 … or 60 seconds.

Joseph suffered though he did not deserve it and in the end he realizes that it was God orchestrated for the salvation of his family.  I am sure if Joseph was as expressive as King David we would probably have the best songs ever written as a result of the many times of nadir that Joseph had endured.

What I like about David is he is the model of a conquering savior of Israel who fought many battles to bring Israel to the pinnacle of her entire existence.  On the other hand I like Joseph because he is a model of the suffering messiah who would endure great hardship for the sake of saving his people and the world.

Now here is the kicker that my Jewish people miss even today.  Y’shua (Jesus) is the suffering messiah as described by the prophet Isaiah in chapter 53.  His life and actions have so many parallels to Joseph’s life that you would have to be in complete denial in order to dodge the facts.  If this is news to you please check it out for yourself.

As for Jesus similarities to King David, well first off they are related and second as David was a conquer of the enemies of Israel, Jesus was a conquer of the enemies of the entire world and humanity.  The day Jesus gave his life was the day sin was paid for and the day Jesus rose from the grave was the day that death was defeated.  That is a task that no earthly messiah could ever conquer.  It took God Himself to become our Messiah and save us from sin and death.

Let that sink in for a bit.

Today, so many of us get caught up in way of thinking that keep us from being able to grasp this amazing news.  For most Jewish people they think Jesus is for the Gentiles and to believe in Jesus means I have to forfeit my Judaism.  Let me ask those who have never considered Jesus this, is true Judaism that which is defined by men or that which was called out and defined by God?  If one who is called out by God as part of the Jewish people follows the Jewish Messiah, who is in fact God in flesh who called us out in the first place,  then would not following the Jewish Messiah be the most Jewish thing a Jewish person could ever do?

I can promise you this, if you choose today to follow Jesus, your payot won’t fall off, your yamaka won’t fly off your head, and you probably won’t have a sudden craving for bacon.  Here is what will happen.  Y’shua will give you a new heart full of peace.  Your perspective of God will change as He will be properly placed in the center of your universe.  You will receive the Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) who also was with Moses and all the prophets throughout our history.  You will be a part of a family of God that includes all people both Jewish and Gentile.  Sin and death will be conquered in your life.

All this to say the choice is yours and has always been yours and I speak from experience that you will not regret having a personal relationship with the God of the universe.

So choose already 😉

Be Blessed

Sean Trank

P.S. What do you think about David and Joseph?  Please write a response in the comments.


About Sean Trank

My name is Sean Trank. I aspire to help those who want to succeed. I am a promoter of many things and I love making good ideas known. I also have a unique sense of humor that has been honed and shaped from having a Jewish Christian background...or maybe it is because my childhood house had lead-based paint. Ok so please explore this website .

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  1. trysch says:

    I love both of them. I am always grateful to read David’s store in particular to be reminded that God used a sinful and broken man in such a magnificent way — as part of Jesus’ lineage. God does not pull punches in His Word. If he can use adulterers, murderers, wrongfully accused spoiled kids and harlots, He can use every one of us!

  2. rutharosen says:

    Truly excellent post. Thanks. I admire King David as someone who knew how to admit and deal with his mistakes. I admire Joseph as someone who knew how to deal with other people’s mistakes. Two very important life skills and both seemed fueled by trust in God.

  3. Joann Turner says:

    Sean, I shared at church you were dealing with cancer and chemo and asked everyone to be in prayer for you.

  4. this is the best yet, Sean. Thank you! see you at the Worship Reunion where we’ll sing that song, I’m thinking – one of my very very favorites btw

  5. Linda Storm says:

    I love both characters..but Joseph is a special favorite! What humble acceptance of whatever life (God) dealt him! No bitterness or complaining despite the many injustices. He let God shape him through it all and it took 13 years to see what it was all about!! Thank you for your thoughts!

  6. Arielle says:

    Sean, how would you respond to someone who strongly identifies as (but doesn’t practice) being Jewish?

    • Sean Trank says:

      Arielle, that is a good question as the practices of Jewishness are often seen as those things that have been defined by Rabbis as being Jewish. Even if a person does not practice the more “Jewish” things like keeping kosher, wearing certain clothes, going to services, or even believing in God, there are still some “Jewish” things that cannot be avoided that allow people to identify without practice. For example, being born into a Jewish family or celebrating or just mere acknowledgement of Jewish holidays are often as little as a person needs to feel Jewish, while others need to lay tefillin, go cry at the Wall and even police their friends and family in keep proper kosher in order to fully identify as Jews. The problem is that today most Jews strongest identifier of being Jewish is that they do not believe in Jesus. It has become us vs them, when the reality is that Jesus is Jewish and if a Jewish person took just a moment to investigate the claims about Jesus they may come to some startling new conclusions and believe in Him.

      So to answer your question I would probably challenge other Jewish people to take a close look at what they think makes them Jewish and ask them to consider what it would mean to follow the Jewish Messiah even if it means redefining or even defying the rules set by the rabbis.

      It comes down to the question, who defines Judaism, people or God? Even more potent of a question, what is more important being Jewish or obeying God?

      How would you respond? (Open question for everyone)


      • marcy meeuwes says:

        Question? “What is more important-Who defines Judaism, people or GOD and even more important, what is more important being Jewish or obeying GOD?”
        GOD should win every time if He truly is important to each of us, be we Jew or
        non-Jew! How do we do that. GOD has given us His Written Word. Yes there are commentary but it is only GOD’s Written Word from Genesis to Revelation. It is all about Him, the Creator GOD of this universe. Sadly if any of us put more trust in things written that are not the Written Hebrew Bible seen in two parts. GOD’s covenant to save us. To walk with us. To teach us Who He is and what He expects of us, we will miss GOD’s greatest Truth ever, Himself the Lamb promised in Genesis 22:8. If regularly the “Leaders” be they Jew or non-Jew take us to anything other than the Holy written Word of GOD we will be miss led. GOD says in His Word to “Delight yourself also in the LORD and He shall give you the desires of your heart”
        Psalm 37:4 Again, through the prompting of the Holy Spirit David wrote “I will bless the LORD at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the LORD; the humble shall hear thereof and be glad. O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His Name together. I sought the LORD and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears” Psalm 34:1-4 see vs 22 after all is said we see David looking and expecting the Messiah spoken in Isaiah 52:13-53:12
        The Savior GOD to save! Ps34:22 The LORD redeems the soul of His servants; and none of them that trust in Him shall be desolate”.
        We are reminded that GOD longs for relationship with us be we Jew or non-Jew and it He that only can save so we must take the Whole counsel of GOD’s written word and not let the fear of “men” rule.
        GOD is Calling and He says to each of us to listen- “Call to Me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty(unsearchable)things which you know not”
        Jeremiah 33:3 Bless GOD!!!
        Like Sean says read the written Scriptures. Not commentary. Listen to GOD and not “man” nor even me but go to the Holy Written Bible and don’t be afraid for how will you know if you don’t read for yourself?
        Moses expected Messiah Jesus. Deuteronomy 18:15, then GOD speaking directly Deut18:18,18,19. GOD did exactly as He promised before the foundation of the world. He saw our need and as Daniel 9 speaks of both times Messiah to come.
        Daniel 9:26 in part reads “Messiah be cut off(killed)but not for Himself” Yes, GOD knew we could not save ourselves. It is the BLOOD, Lev 17:11 GOD came to earth for a very important thing, to seek and to save. He gave His Life, no one took it but He shed His Holy Blood for you and I. It is a very Jewish thing to believe the GOD of the Holy written Bible(Gen-Rev) and this Savior GOD is coming again to judge the “works’ of men . Let us make the most important decision, the most Jewish decision in the Jewish Messiah. Moses even tells us it is not too hard to listen and believe the holy Scriptures as written. Moses penned again at the prompting of the Holy Spirit- If you shall hearken(listen)to the voice of the LORD your GOD to keep His commandments another words “it is written that you may know” I John 11-13
        Lastly lets consider Proverbs 30:4 “Who has ascended up into heaven or descended? who has gathered the wind in His Fists? who has established all the ends of the earth? what is His Name, and what is His Son’s Name if you can tell”
        Psalm 57:3 “He shall send from heaven, and save me from the reproach of him(satan) that would swallow me up. Se’lah. GOD shall send forth His Mercy and His Truth” spoken of in the GOSPEL of John chapter 3:13
        Bless GOD Bless GOD!!! As Psalm 23 reminds us that “surely Mercy and Truth shall follow each of us all the days of our lives when we say yes and trust in the Jewish Messiah-Y’shua HaMashiach/Jesus the Messiah-GOD’s provision to all mankind by His Grace through Faith Trust your “works” or GOD’s Finished Work in His Blood”
        GOD’s heart is Jewish. His written Holy WORD is Jewish. Please don’t let any man or woman plant fear. Fear is not from GOD it is satan that seeks to kill and destroy.
        To believe GOD(YHWH-ELOHIM-Adonahy) Take Him at His WORD and receive HIs provision as He promised is very JEWISH!!!!
        Blessings and love to you Sean and thank you again for your encouraging words.
        I was just going to respond to what touched my heart many years ago when I read the record of Joseph. When he said, “What man intended for evil, GOD intended for GOOD” How precious, and immediately I saw Messiah/Christ. I pray anyone reading any of the posts along the way will read for themselves and see and believe GOD and not “man”
        Bye for Now. Oh also I have a dear friend that is taking chemo for cancer and they give Jan Benadryl. It has help with the nausea. My prayer is for you total wellness and that this could help. Again, Bye for now

  7. Rich says:

    Being Jewish is what I am. Obeying God is what I do.
    As far as King David goes, I am always amazed that even though he orchestrated a murder due to coveting someone’s wife and committed adultery, he was still called a man after God’s own heart. I am equally amazed that Solomon received the gift of wisdom but ended up going after many wives, a very unwise thing to do – especially since wisdom in the Bible is not just smarts but living a godly life. I think we are all contradictions to an extent and I’m grateful to have these examples of God’s grace which often comes in sprite of our choices.
    Like Ruth said, Joseph is more about other people’s choices and how God works out our lives in spite of what others might choose to harm us. Joseph is actually easier for me to wrap my head around than the contradictions that are David and Solomon! Thanks to God for his grace whether it’s over what we do to ourselves or what others do to us.

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