Yesterday, I got my test results back from a biopsy of a small mass found in the air passage of my lung.  I have lung cancer.  Don’t know what stage, where it came from, or how bad it is.  The news has left me feeling like I am under water holding my breath with no way back to the surface.   Ironically, this is not a new feeling for me as I am a spear-fisher and I have gotten myself in these situations many times.  The key has always been to wait and see.

underwater diving

This last week I spent a lot of time waiting and I know this next chapter will contain plenty of sitting in waiting rooms, lying on tables, waiting for phone calls.  Just like diving in the ocean, I don’t know necessarily what will happen.  Will I make it to the surface?  Will I have enough air for the journey up?  Will something snag on my gear and trap me down there?

The thing is that none of these questions have ever stopped me from making the journey and so far I have always made it back to the light of the surface.  I know a lot of you reading this may not be able to relate to my diving comparison so I will move on now 🙂

The hardest part of all this has not been my visit to the hospital, the many needles I have endured, or even the results.  No, the hardest part is letting go of my pride and admitting that I am 27 and I have lung cancer.  Pride can get the best of you when you allow it to separate you from your community or from the church.  I have seen to many people deny help from their community because they did not want to be seen as weak.  I understand that and I know that one of my biggest battles with cancer will be fighting my own pride.  So to all my community right now I commit to allowing you to help me through this time and to allow the church to be exactly what Jesus has intended it to be.

Here are some ways you can be the church, the body of Christ, for me:

1.  Pray for healing

2.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors

3.  Help me eat better, I don’t know the first thing about what foods I should be eating to help fight cancer… other than avoid MC Ds… so if you have knowledge in that area post links about foods and vitamins in the comments or make me a meal or smoothie and make me drink it 🙂

4.  Ask others to pray for me

5.   Sarah said my love language is quality time, I agree.   (P.S. it is also receiving gifts 😉  (P.P.S. the best gifts are thing I can enjoy with others)  (P.P.P.S. JK)

Words of encouragement are always appreciated and I am sure that as things progress I will need to hear those words very much so thank you in advance for standing with me and Sarah during this time.

Be Blessed

Sean Trank


About Sean Trank

My name is Sean Trank. I aspire to help those who want to succeed. I am a promoter of many things and I love making good ideas known. I also have a unique sense of humor that has been honed and shaped from having a Jewish Christian background...or maybe it is because my childhood house had lead-based paint. Ok so please explore this website .

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  1. Pat Sheek says:

    Sean, Cancer feeds on sugar, so omit sugar and foods that break down into glucose like bread, white potatoes and white rice. Cancer also needs an acidic environment. Google alkalinizing foods. They are mostly green veggies. Meat is acidic. Some foods are so acidic, like lemon, that they cause your body to use it’s buffer system to counter the acid and you end up being more alkaline, which is good. Chemo is acidic, so it is even more important that your food is alkaline. You can add green food powder that you get from a health food store or vitamin shoppe to a smoothie to speed up the alkalinizing process. Detox, but get rid of amalgam fillings first. They contain mercury and detoxing with them in your mouth will release mercury which can settle in your tissues. You’ll need a dentist familiar with naturalistic medicine to do this safely. Avoid the toxins which caused your cancer. Check your deodorant, lotion, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc for ingredients such as sodium laurel (or laureth) sulfate, aluminum, petroleum, paraben, EDTA, fluoride. There is a naturalistic cancer doctor in Mexico that has had great success. His name is Gershom, or Gershem. Something like that. God will see you through this.

  2. Rebekah says:

    HI there. I am friends with Rachelle. You said you would like advice for healthy eating. I would like to encourage you to look up the Gerson Diet. It has really been proven to work. I have a friend right now who is fighting cancer with it and the mass has already been shrunk by 30% after only two weeks. I also know someone else that beat breast cancer with it. I encourage you to read up on it before you do chemotherapy. Also, a homeopath can help you greatly. Prayers for you and your family.

  3. Glenn Harris says:

    I’m no nutritionist, but am a cancer survivor, and will be praying for you regularly, Sean! You’ve got the right perspective, in terms of humbly accepting help and support from friends instead of trying to “put on a strong face”. May Adonai our powerful and merciful Father, bring healing to your body, however He chooses to provide it.

  4. sorry to hear this. Ill keep you in my prayers brother.

  5. Michael says:

    Hey Sean, that sure is some news… But you’re right, God is with you and He will see you through one way or another 🙂
    There’s a naturalpathic healing pharmacist on Sirius/XM 131 who is a born again believer and promotes cancer treatment by vitamins and eating properly.
    You can take him with a grain of salt but people call back from time to time with testimonies so maybe give it a shot?
    As for prayer, I will definite pray for you and invite others to pray for you. For God’s glory through your witness and ministry I’d also maybe try calling pastor Mike Zachman who God often uses along with the tens of thousands who pray on Saturday nights during his show.
    Be blessed!

  6. Robyn Wilk says:

    Dear Sean,
    I have been praying for you and your family all day. I was thinking about the time you went on your 1st sortie with the SF branch when you were just a kid. It brought a smile to my face. I can relate to what you said about pride. I have a ton of it, and when I became disabled in 2008, God taught me a lot of things about letting people in and letting people help. I am still learning. But, people are blessed when they can come alongside and help. I realized, “Who am I to deny people from being blessed?” I so appreciate what you wrote here and your transparency. If I was there in SF, I would come to visit since quality time is your thing. That’s true for me as well. But, for now, just know my prayers are with you and Sarah and your entire family. Isaiah 26:3 is one of my favorite verses. I hope that encourages you. You also asked about food. There is a book called Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. You can check out his website at There is also an article:, that you might find helpful. Love in Y’shua, Robyn

  7. ritarivera says:

    Hi Sean, I’m stunned by your news, but at the same time I am hopeful in God for you. My brother-in-law just went through bladder cancer and he has been healed. Here’s his story told by my sister: Look into starving this cancer with pure oxygen. That’s what my brother-in-law did with his and it really helped. If you want to know more, let me know. Count on me to pray. – Love, Carolyne

  8. Cathy Kingham says:

    Sean ~ this is alarming news, but there is great hope. I don’t know you, but I know your parents…It sounds like you have a humble, open heart, and that is so-o-o good! The Lord will guide you. I also had cancer 4 years ago, am an RN, and I urge you to do this: Eat only whole, non-gmo plant-based food. Lots of fruits and vegetables – no meat or dairy products whatsoever. Read “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell. I will be praying for you. In Jesus’ love, Cathy Kingham

  9. Christie Foster says: This diet has helped many people.
    Also I was personally healed of back problems and stress related issues at this ministry.

  10. obesitysolution says:

    google: alkaline foods and their benefits.

  11. Deborah says:

    Lots of good information above. Please check out this site as it has had many wonderful results. Beat Cancer Naturally, It may be possible. We know with God All things ARE POSSIBLE and he give ALL the credit to God.

  12. Ruthie says:

    Dear Sean, I’m sorry to hear of your biopsy. I am praying for you. Yeshua has you in his arms. I hope God’s word comforts you today and every day on this journey. I’m not a nutritionist, but have learned most from If you search for what you’re dealing with, many on there have good advice. Jaminet details everything and many chime in with experience. He gives good background on fat:protein:carb ratio which can provide an optimal environment for healing in your body. Also will have good things on getting vit d levels up to fight this thing. Many, many prayers. Shalom in Yeshua, Ruthie

  13. Brad Burge says:

    May you & your family rest in Y’shua.

  14. rutharosen says:

    Sean this is an amazing post. Thank you. I’m praying for you and the whole fam. I appreciate your honesty, your ability to express yourself and your desire to keep us in the loop.

  15. myra model says:

    Sean! I heard the news from Carolyn.. we are in shock and sending our love and prayers for healing. As you know our family has lived through this and we know all too well about this territory.. You have some wonderful advice in the previous posts but here is a bit more:

    From the acclaimed book “AntiCancer” by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, MD
    What activates immune cells:
    Mediterranean diet (lots of extra virgin olive oil, fish and fruit)
    Indian food, (they use alot of Turmeric in Indian food – it fights inflammation in the body)
    Fish rich in omega 3
    Olive oil, flaxseed oil
    brussell sprouts
    black pepper
    Green Tea
    Physical Activity – (even just a 50 minute walk 3 x per week)
    Laughter, lightheartedness, Serenity
    Support from family and friends
    Acceptance of your self

    sending lots of love Aunt Myra, Uncle Ed and Gideon xxoo

  16. I am absolutely dumb founded by your diagnosis. I got your prayer request about pneumonia and was praying for your healing. I am feeling several different things at once: shock, dismay, anger etc! I cannot image how you and Sarah are feeling right now!! Please keep us posted as we pray. Also, if there is anything you need, ANYTHING please let me now how I can be a blessing to you. Get well soon!!

  17. Michael Trank says:

    Sean, Terry, Lara, Leah and I wish you a complete recovery and to both of you the strength to endure and stay positive. Mike

  18. Andy (friend of Arjun Thounoujam) says:

    Dear Sean the Lord impressed me with this article for you to read,

    Back in 2000, Mike Hoesch had an itch, and though he scratched it, the itch persisted. Because he was unable to find relief, Mike examined the itchy area on his chest, and he noticed a pimple-sized sore. He dismissed it, but the itch remained.

    Months passed and the sore did not go away; it began to worsen. Although Mike believed in healing, he lacked the revelation of God’s unconditional love and his authority as a believer. Instead, due to twenty years of involvement with a ministry that focused on performance-based doctrine, Mike believed his healing was available, but conditional upon his efforts. He continued to suffer……read more

  19. Connie says:

    Sean, don’t know if you remember us from Wyoming . . . . regardless, we’ll be praying for you. (We are Uncle Steve’s inlaws) Connie & Herb Pierce

  20. Dan Sichel says:

    This must be frightening and perplexing. I cannot imagine how you feel, but I will be praying for you. Pick good doctors, then listen to them is about the only advise I would offer. You’re gonna be bombarded with lots of advise, but the good news is that the Holy Spirit will guide you through this whole mess, no matter what develops.

  21. Adrienne D. says:

    In the name of Jesus I curse the cancer which has invaded your body. I pray that until the victory is manifest, you will dive deeper into Messiah and teach us all about the magnificence of His power, love and majesty. This weapon which has been formed against you, Mighty Warrior, CANNOT succeed. God bless you, Sean.

  22. Mara F. says:

    Sean, the YMJA is standing with you through this. I will ask our YMJA prayer team to start lifting you and Sarah up in prayer regularly. I will also send this out to the MJAA executive committee. We’ll be praying with you every step of the way. PS: I like your under-water analogy. 🙂

  23. Jim Weinberg says:

    Thank God that it is small, and get it done very quickly, whatever must be done medically, and hopefully it was not there for a long duration.

    Even though I have not been privileged to meet you yet — my sincere prayers are for you. Our generation must become the prayer warriors in place of generations past. Results in the Lord’s work are extremely important.

    You are greatly cherished, highly valued and extremely important.

  24. The Big C is scary, no way around that. But fill yourself with HOPE–medical science has advanced and it’s no longer the death sentence it once was. Praying for you to be filled with the joy of friendship, love and most of all, the overwhelming presence of Yeshua in your life. You are such a gift; we look forward to many many more years of happiness serving Him together. With much, much love!

  25. Joan says:

    Sean. I’ll be praying for you. Our God is able ,and you have been healed by His stripes. I see that many people have been advising you to keep your body alkaline, and I’ve heard others say that this is important in the healing process. Just remember to acknowledge HIM in all your ways. He will direct your path. With much ❤

  26. Connie Israel says:

    Sean – have you got a second opinion?I will be praying for you,though. Yes, I’ve heard sugar is good to cut out or reduce. I feel for you in this battle.Yes, we need to being willing to allow God to heal us in His way, Miracle healing or overcoming.God has His way of cleansing us of every kind of sin. Pride is the hardest to admit,so you are a step ahead of all of us. Great attitude!May God’s presence and comfort and loving kindness surround you. May you be strengthened in your inner man.I have battled a typical cells and have overcome. God bless you. Would you like to be put on our church’s prayer support team.- there are lots of them.?

  27. Julia says:

    Hi Sean, the prayer warriors at my home church across the pond are also standing with you in prayer.

  28. Thomas’ mom here You can also look to for info on healthy eating. Taylor Rutledge’s grandma has been cured of stomach cancer using the above method and wrote a little book. It sounds as though you have a great support system in place and you are leaning on your Savior. Prayers sent your way. p.s. I loved your lead based paint comment. Put a smile on my face. 🙂 Mrs. Netzley

  29. Matt Herz says:

    Hi Sean,

    You are seriously my hero on many levels.

    Here are a couple books for general health and nutrition someone recommended to me whom I trust.

    1. Sick and tired by Dr. Robert Young
    2. Acid Alcaline by George Ohsawa
    3. Fats that heal fats that kill. by udo Erasmus


  30. jen says:

    hey Sean! saw your link from FB. sad to hear the news. happy to find another blogger. see you on Sundays. will be praying for you.

  31. elisapsalm1 says:

    Dear Sean, We would love to meet you. You sound like a neat brother. We are praying for you. The Lord has put you on our hearts like the dearest and closest friend ever, so we are with you in this struggle. Thank you for choosing humility it is a good example for us to follow. Yours in Y’shua, Fred and Beth’

  32. Laureen says:

    Hi Sean:
    Do you ever go to a wonderful little place on Judah/45th called Judahlicious? They have vegan food and it’s DELICOUS! I’d be happy to buy you and your wife a meal anytime you’re both free. Im off every other Friday, this Friday im off! I had a friend who had breast cancer and beat it, and she did Chlorella, she said it removes the toxins from your body which is really important. I drink a 4 oz wheatgrass (someone will have to force you on this one! and im happy to and im told that for folks fighting cancer it literally removes tumors. A few other things are Black Seed Oil (tastes AWFUL, but it is another thing that shrinks tumors) as well as beets, as many as you can stand (we can talk about side effects via inbox) and definitely curcumin, and anything that fights any kind of inflammation. I know this is alot of information, and im sure it’s overwhelming. Let me know if you have any ??’s about it and I can put you in touch with my friend Linda Zapantis who is expert on this stuff. 🙂 Praying every day for you! 🙂 Take good care and God bless you!

  33. elisapsalm1 says:

    Today, October 30th, something wonderful happened at church tonight. You asked about God moving, and God bringing good in our weakness. I’ve been going through some intense pressure and anguish in a church I joined in July. Last week I heard a pastor preach and say that if someone has done me wrong, to forgive that person every day for 21 days and pray for them to be blessed by God. So, I’ve been forgiving the pastor, the pianists, and the congregation for a number of things, and praying for them to be blessed by God. During the service, while the pastor was speaking, I forgave him again, and not long after that, I began to sense that the Holy Spirit was moving in the church beyond what was apparent in the teaching. I began to thank the Lord. Then the presence of God became strong to me, and I felt it like I did 38 years ago in another
    church, and haven’t felt it like that since. This certainly eased my emotions while in these peoples presence.
    In another vein, sometimes, I have experienced sickness, and have come to the conclusion on various occasions, that Satan is persecuting me for righteousness sake.
    This thought helps me deal with the situation more productively, as I seek to do all the Lord directs me to do to strengthen my body with natural things, and fight the good fight in the spiritual realm as well. I believe that when we are being used by God as an effective witness, the hatred of those who oppose the work of the Holy Spirit in us can be a door the enemy uses to gain access to harm us. Even though these persons may be known or unknown to us, I believe it is very helpful to forgive and pray God’s blessing on them. This brings a release to us emotionally and spiritually. Beth

  34. Stephanie says:

    I belong to Beth Messiah Congregation in Ohio, my daughter Cynthia has been to Gilgal several times and knows of you. We have been and will be pressing in praying for you. We love you and stand firm in Faith believing with God All Things are possible. I have asked Yeshua to hold you tight and bring ministering angels on your behalf.

    The Dove Family

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