Man of Steel

We never get tired of Superman, the man of steel, who saves humanity time and time again.  The story is classic, predictable, and we love it!  Why is that? Because we know that our hero will always win.  We know that good will triumph over evil.  We know that Superman will always save the day.

Man of Steel, the latest reboot of the superman story directed by Zack Snyder takes a brand new look at this man sent by his “Heavenly” father to earth,  raised by humans in a humble Kansas home,  who enters into his “Ministry” at age 33.  Sound like a knock off of anyone else we know?

Messiah figures come in all shapes and sizes but as close as they come to resemble Y’shua, (Jesus name in Hebrew), none can ever compare to the genuine article.  But just for kicks let’s try.

Superman Jesus
Son of Jor-El  (Hebrew for “God will uplift”) Son of El (Hebrew for “God”)
Not from this earth From heaven
Kal-El, Superman’s name (Hebrew for “voice of God”) Yeshua Jesus’ name (Hebrew for “salvation”)
Natural birth Virgin birth
Can fly Ascended into heaven
Invulnerable (except for kryptonite) Became vulnerable (by choice)
Beats up bad guys Turns the other cheek
Born or Krypton (raised in Kansas) Born in Bethlehem (raised in Nazareth)
Feared by government Feared by government
Had a double identity (Clark Kent) Was totally transparent
Conquered Evil Conquered the root of Evil
Lives in an fortress of solitude Lives in community
Started at age 33 Completed at age 33
X-ray vision Sees your heart
Ice breath Weather obeys him
Is a comic book character Is real

Well there is the biggest deal breaker right there.  When the credits roll at the end of the film many are reminded that it was all pretend and may even get a little depressed that no “super” man exists in real life.  However, Y’shua does exist and Superman is just a shadow of who Y’shua is.  Good and evil are real and so is the price God paid to save us all from sin.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son [Y’shua], that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

The Messiah of Israel died for you because God loves you so much that he freely gave up His own life so that you can have life everlasting.  This is great news, because without Y’shua it is all pretend and there is no hope.  In the film, Superman explains that the “S” on his suit is not really an “S” but on his world is a symbol of hope.  Zack Snyder, during the premiere interviews said that the superman “S” is the second most recognizable icon in the world and that the first is the cross. Both are well known symbols but if you are in need of a savior from all the evil in your life don’t waste any more time putting your hope in comic book characters.  Ask Y’shua into your heart to be your superman.

Be Blessed

Sean Trank


About Sean Trank

My name is Sean Trank. I aspire to help those who want to succeed. I am a promoter of many things and I love making good ideas known. I also have a unique sense of humor that has been honed and shaped from having a Jewish Christian background...or maybe it is because my childhood house had lead-based paint. Ok so please explore this website .

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  1. Sean Trank says:

    There are so many ways to compare Jesus to superman I would love to hear some more!

    • One has an alter-ego, the other alters egos? 🙂

    • brian says:

      Superman was created by 2 Jewish men…interesting factoid

    • Ben messer says:

      hey! as a former jew, now proud athiest, i just wanted to say that i had a great laugh reading this article. xD really it was great. do you guys do stand-up comedy because i would love to see you? the fact that this website has 250 thousand likes on facebook makes me lose my faith in humanity. you guys are all crazy, brainwashed little robots. id love for you to reply. sincerely, Ben

      • Sean Trank says:

        Thanks for writing Ben, your comment is warmly welcomed *with some slight edits for the kids 😉 As far as stand-up goes I would love to perform for you but I forgot all my jokes as my brain was washed this morning after studying this weeks Parsha which by the way is Balak a king who hired Balaam, a false prophet, to cures the Hebrew people. Quite an interesting encounter I think.

        Anyways, I’m only crazy after one two many cups of coffee. Which by the way I would love to buy you a cup and show you that I am quite normal and friendly and have no robotic tendencies other than dancing like a Robot which is my go to move at any wedding or bar/bat mitzvah. Please keep in touch and keep your responses’ kosher for the children’s sake.


    • Well, Jews for Jesus has reached a new low, very low. Jesus is not a ‘superhero’, he is the sovereign holy God and our Salvation. True belief would not make the comparison: friendship with the world is enemity with God. The emblem of ‘Superman’ was used as an idea of Aryan perfection in the Third Reich, and Jesus was reconfigured into a ‘superman’ then too by redefining him as an aryan prototype of perfection to negate his Jewish nature. Way to go JFJ: why don’t we bring back the swastika while you’re at it?

      • Sean Trank says:

        Hello Elizabeth, thanks for writing. There are those who would argue that using the internet or even electricity means friendship with the world and therefore, enmity with God.

        Your history lesson on ‘superman’ during Nazi Germany was very interesting. However, the world has been looking for ‘superman’ long before the Third Reich. Much like the superman character, myths such as Hercules, Achilles, Odysseus or Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Shakti. When Paul entered into the Greek temple (Acts 17:23) and saw the many objects with names attributed to gods he used their own logic to proclaim the one true God and many came to faith in Jesus. All this to say that we can do the same.

        You can read more about the origins of Superman here. My article, much like the movie, has nothing to do with that history and is a completely different story.

        Your correspondence addresses me as Jews for Jesus and I would prefer if you talk to me like a person. My name is Sean Trank.

        Be Blessed,


      • Ignorance may be bliss to th.e unbeliever, but to the believer it is an offense. You seek to answer my comment by referring to mythological figures representing some sort of power base across history, but the ensign of the ‘Superman’ figure is well known in holocaust scholarship and to those who have studied the doctrinal ‘adjustments’ in the Third Reich’s ‘Deutsche Christen’ (Kirche). It is a dangerous and worldly comparison and far from a ‘legalism’ aligning it with some sort of aversion to the use of electricity.
        In WWII Germany most major Christian doctrines were ‘adjusted’ to reflect a transition towards National Socialist’s ideology. The Pauline epistles were considered ‘too jewish’ and Paul himself, an introverted, self effacing rabbi who would damage the German conscience and sense of self-confidence. Christ was reinterpreted by such as Grundman and Kittel as the ‘Aryan Prototype’ of perfection, the ‘herrenman’ or ‘Superman’ of the Master race or ‘herrenvolk’.
        Two fine secular works which address the deadly but clever twisting of doctrine on Christ are Taha Abir’s “
        The Aryan Christ by S. Heschel at

        The paradigm of Superman in modern theological thought is clearly understood by most holocaust scholars and should be clearly understood by Messianic pastors and people who are to communicate with the Jews in any fashion: we don’t want to use offensive concepts in communicating our love for the Lord, who is their Lord as well.

        There is a prevailing tendency of ‘whatever’ today with regard to using secular imagery and popular media to convey the love of the Messiah, as though Christ does not care in an ‘any means to an end’ logic, but the subtle use of segues into a conversation, like Paul using ‘the unknown god’ to the Greeks is not the same as aiding in the bringing forth of a dangerous doctrinal symbol by attempting to be ‘cool’ and bringing in comparisons to popular media with a Holy Messiah. ‘Take Care’

      • Sean Trank says:

        The original creators of Superman are both Jewish. The director of the latest film is Jewish along with a majority of the producers that made the film happen. Are you saying that because The Third Reich tried to make “superman” their archetype that all other stories involving a character named “Superman” also have forever been tainted?

        I see on your blog that you have a long history of education in regard to our recent history of the Holocaust. I highly admire your academic record and find it very valuable. It is no secret that Nazi Germany distorted scripture to manipulate their own into anti-semitism. Witnesses to this audacity such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer have produced great works of literature to oppose the lies. The Jewish people have suffered greatly because of these lies, but I highly doubt that “The Man of Steel” has anything to do with it.

        Furthermore, I would argue that the idea of a “superman” or messiah has always been near and dear to our Jewish people. The entire point of my article was to show that there really is no comparison because Clark Kent, though in the comics and in film has great power and saves many people, he is a fictional character. Yeshua is real and has saved us.

        Be Blessed

      • There is always an effort to defend an errored position for the sake of pride, and that is what has become of much doctrinal discussion in the 20th and 21st century rather than seeking out the truth: the truth must be our first and foremost motivation, not defense of an indefensible position. Not all Jews are acquainted with holocaust history, and of the ones who are, few are acquainted with the history of the church in the holocaust. The aryanization and translation of Jesus into the Herrenman or Superman was laid out most clearly by Walther Grundmann in Walter Grundmann, Jesus der Galila’er und das Judentum (Leipzig: Verlag in which Jesus was made into a non or half Jew with superpowers indicative of the essential Reich prototype. This strain of theology carried over to the United States who harbored over 10,000 immigrants who were notable Reich party members, and the theological influence is still felt, making ‘Superman’ an unacceptable emblem or metaphor for the Messiah. What the movie industry does, is their business, but when we employ examples, it is not the same as endorsing them.

        Superman in the recent movie is indeed a ‘messianic’ archetype, from what little I have seen, but that is their device, and not to be synthesized with a very real Savior. We do not employ archetypes but only the truth. The Superman emblem/ensign is not used in society the way we are to regard Christ at all, and is infinitely dangerous in providing an avenue to that horrible doctrinal process to take hold, which the world will use to its advantage to destroy the church.

        Ideas are real, and they matter. This is not some esoteric point made by someone with a hobbyist approach to the Bible and history.

        Recently JFJ has promoted other popularized issues and sometimes looks more like a movie review column than a ministry. In the past few years you have compared the Lord to Captain Kirk, proffered ‘Kosher Joe’ a cartoon stereotyping young Jewish thinking to the point it should be renamed ‘Dufus Joe’, and even used the movie reviews on Oz, Astronaut Farmer, and the one about the dreams: I do not condemn people’s choices but the idea of a ministry is the promotion and lifting up of the Lord and Savior, the Way the Truth and the Life, not popular culture. The emblem of an S with a thorn crown is horrifying: I know there is a point in the movie where he says on his planet it stands for hope, but I agree with the response that on this planet it stands for ‘S’.

        Do not be too quick to listen to genuine reproof.

      • GodsMagicGuy says:

        I got no problem seeing and believing Jesus is my superhero. Carried more weight than I ever could to the cross, did things I know I admire and marvel at each and everyday when I come before him to thank for the amazing amount of blessing I still cant believe he gives me. Jesus saved me from a life that would gone the path of drugs, thievery and eventual prison. If I gotta have a hero to look up to be like and worship I couldn’t think of any one better than Jesus the Christ!

    • Nathan Amar says:

      At the end of the movie what i relized and what i learnd too is that god is not happy when the bad guys die too and he morns for his evil children wiche with time i accepted that, i dont know if u saw the movie but at the end when superman twisted the head of the general and he died he was angry and sad that he had to do it but he know that if he didnt kill him innocent people would die, u see our father in Haven is the same he wants his children to turn back to him and he is sad even when they die cause he really wanted them in this case the general to see that violence is Not the anser but Love is!!! and thats what Yeshua (Jesus) is all about!!! LOVE!!! it hurts me to say this but i for the first time was sad too when the general died. cause superman belived so and I too that and hoped to make see the general that it can be a better world if we work together but in LOVE! and i pray and only hope that one day all evil People would see that and realize the true anser is Love and that hate and sheeding of blood and all evil things are not the anser. thats all we as belivers can hope. please pray with me on this, and hope in a soon return of our Lord and saviour massiah Yeshua Amen.
      please do right back to me and share this with every one u know let them know thers still hope…

      • Please send no more email to my gmail account.

        * * *Elizabeth Kirkley Best PhD * *Director Shoah Education Project Web * * * 401-11 South Van Buren Green Bay WI 54301 (new address till November0 * * *Note: This gmail account is registered by Dr. Elizabeth Kirkley Best ONLY. No other users are authorized in any way. Please contact Dr. Best at this gmail address or at or should any one use this email beside Dr. Best. *

      • Sean Trank says:

        I don’t know how that works I suggest you look at your subscription options via WordPress or Google it.

  2. Von Kelly says:

    Kal-El, Superman’s name in Hebrew  ”voice of God”

    Yeshua is also the voice of God. He is

    ‘The Word of God’ John 1:1-14


    ‘The Voice of the LORD’
    Genesis 3:8–> They ‘Heard’ the ‘Voice’ ‘Walking’.

    So in a way Jesus name is also Kal-El : D!!!

    Jesus Will you be my Superman Kal- El?
    Faint whisper “Yes!”

  3. scarlet says:

    Thats true but superman can never give spirit to save people only jesus can thank you are heavenly father for sending your son to die on the cross and taken all are sin away amen.

  4. Pat says:

    Only Jesus can save

  5. Laura Mountainspring says:

    up up and away…..Yshua will lift us all up from danger in the eyes twinkle!

  6. Nancy Gunderson says:

    Yeshua is real but then Superman is just a fiction.

  7. Sylvia Reyes says:

    truth (in Y’shua) cannot be compared at all with fiction or fantasy (in superman). there isn’t any point of comparison between truth and fiction.

  8. rodolfo p.revilleza says:


  9. The Moses connection (probably intentional given the Jewish creators of Superman) is very striking as well. Baby saved from death through a basket (ship) grows up to become the great savior.

  10. Superman has laser vision to cut down evil….God has His word. Hebrews 4:12

    King James Version (KJV)

    12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

  11. Alex Villaruel says:

    Sorry, but Superman is not worthy to be compared to Jesus Christ at any circumstance. Jesus Christ is coming back soon.

  12. Mary Rice says:

    Jesus Christ will rule with a rod of iron…. no super power can (or will )save you

  13. […] για τον Superman υπάρχουν πολλοί παραλληλισμοί με την ιστορία του Χριστού. Ο Σούπερμαν είναι ο γιος […]

  14. ladylu8 says:

    Jesus, The Original Superman : )

  15. Charlene says:

    I am so glad for this article – I came out of the Superman movie talking about this very comparison of Jesus and Superman to my husband. I have been a Christian for a long time and have no problems comparing the two – obviously Superman is fiction and Jesus is real – no need for getting upset about the comparison. Mankind has always looked for a super savior – that is why Jesus was not recognized in His own time period. I find it fascinating that human minds go to the comparison! God understand our human minds and meets us where we are. Here is another avenue to witness to folks about Jesus – our true Superman, in a nonthreatening way. Enjoy your conversation about the movie with folks – may God bless the time and may it lead to fruitful discussions.

    PS – I thought the movie was great!

  16. Superman can only be in one place at a time, thus cannot always help all people in need whenever they are in need, but can only help one person at a time in just that short time period. However, Jesus Christ is not bound by space and time and can help any who are in need for all eternity! Jesus saves us when we are born again and will never leave us nor forsake us, taking us to heaven! And this is true for all who trust in Him! PTL!

  17. Anthony Morales says:

    I was homeschooled by a Christian mom who taught me the difference between the talents God’s Spirit gives to certain people to perform works of art so particular and admirable, to distinguish fiction from fact, and admire not envy! Shalom

  18. This just reminds me, that we are not alone — God is with us and reminds us daily of what “Good” is and how we can be examples or even Saviours in the lives of others. We can never compare to the REAL Jesus with our limitations but we can help SAVE one person at a time in their time of physical or emotional need. We can the person to Stand in the Gap. Superman has always been my hero because he was never selfish and always ready to SAVE anyone and everyone in need…Now I know why I have felt that special linkage since I was 2 or 3 years old — I recognized him….the real HIM being Christ who he was purposefully made to represent. Thanks to Sean for bringing this to light…

  19. Shar says:

    Superman: double identity.
    Jesus: triple identity. Father, son, Holy Spirit.

    Both were natural births. You’re talking conception.

  20. Richard says:

    Both are fictional characters children that children can look up to to learn morals and values.

  21. […] για τον Superman υπάρχουν πολλοί παραλληλισμοί με την ιστορία του Χριστού. Ο Σούπερμαν είναι ο γιος […]

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