Original Sin

The modern Jewish view of sin is contradictory to the scriptural view of sin.  The whole idea of original sin is the concept that the wages of sin is death.  Simply put Adam ate the forbidden fruit and humanity was cursed with heavy labor and death.  We see this reality in Genesis 3:14-19.  Death is what is original about sin.  It starts with Adam and ends with Jesus, the only one who came back after death.  We see that the sins of the father do affect their children, ask any psychologist who has dealt with patients with abusive parents.  
People who deny original sin do so to justify their lives.  “I’m a good person,” is often the response of a person who won’t accept that they are a sinner.  Or they are in complete denial of Jesus and their only alternative is to also deny the apparent reality that all have sinned and all will die because of it.

For those who claim goodness, it can’t even stand before the law of God.  And unless you have a priest in Jerusalem making sacrifice in the temple there is absolutely no way to be atoned for sin.

I often have to help people figure out that even if you were not born with sin, it is very easy to sin and it might as well be original as the Psalmist explains “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.”   We are born inclined to sin (Genesis 8:21) and even before we know of God or that sin is wrong we have already sinned.  Jesus said that just lusting without action was sin.  Sin is embedded deep within our being.

It is, frankly, a ridiculous notion that many have used to justify themselves.  When the patriarchs of scripture sinned they came to God in repentance.  They didn’t shrug and point out greater sinners and say “well I don’t do what they do.”

Whether you believe God’s word that sin begins at birth or you think you are born without sin, I challenge you to inspect your heart and see if there be any sin against God.  See if you have ever broken any of the Ten Commandments.  It does not take long to realize our sin and our need for a sinless savior.

Jesus died for you and he loves you.  He is ready to save you from sin and death.  Ask Him to do so and then go get yourself a Bible and read it.

Be Blessed

Sean Trank


About Sean Trank

My name is Sean Trank. I aspire to help those who want to succeed. I am a promoter of many things and I love making good ideas known. I also have a unique sense of humor that has been honed and shaped from having a Jewish Christian background...or maybe it is because my childhood house had lead-based paint. Ok so please explore this website .

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  1. Hi Sean . . . Good message.

    I recently thought of this acronym for SIN.

    S – self
    I – indulgent
    N – notions

    Sort of sums up what sin really is. Self doing what self (flesh) wants to indulge in without realizing (or caring about) its consequences.

    J L

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