Mortality Deal With It

Since the very recent suicide of Rick Warren’s son, I have been reflecting a lot on the question of mortality and brokenness.  I have never met Rick or his son but hearing this sad story was just another reminder that life is fragile.  If you don’t know what happened, in short, Rick’s son suffered from depression and thoughts of suicide throughout his life.  A report described him as a very empathetic and sweet young man.  He was 27 just as I currently am.  Rick had tried all sorts of ways to deal with his son’s depression.


Broken people inhabit this world with one major thing in common, we will all die.  It is a hard thought to fathom that one day each of us will face certain death.  After the fear of public speaking, the second most common fear is death.  People deal with this reality in very different ways.  Mostly unhealthy ways that hasten their own demise. So how do you deal with this?

Looking back I have created memorial videos for four people so far.  Leslie Wright, Moishe Rosen, Stan Telchin, and Jhan Moskowitz.  For Moishe and Stan I knew and they knew in advance that their time was coming to an end and I even communicated with Moishe about his video before he passed.  Leslie and Jhan were much different stories.  No one but God knew it was time for them to go home.  Leslie was walking in a parking lot after church and got bumped by follow churchgoer at less than 10 mph and she fell and hit her head which caused bleeding that could not be stopped.  Similarly, Jhan fell on the stairs of a subway entrance and hit his head.  Ironically, just a few years earlier I was sitting with Jhan during Moishe’s one year memorial and we watched the video I made for Moishe.  Jhan turned to me and said, when you make mine I want you to make it cinematic with some Johnny Cash or Dylan.  I used the Coldplay cover of Johnny Cash’s “Till Kingdom Come” I felt this song reflected Jhan’s life with Jesus perfectly.   See the video here

Tragedy, brokenness, death, these things are a part of this world.  Ready or not we still have to deal with it.  It is with great hope and expectation that I rely on the promises of God that Jesus will return and wipe away every tear from our eyes.  There is no other person in human history that makes this promise.  I know I can trust Jesus because he is the only person in human history to come back to life.  It is the reason we have faith.  Brokenness is not the final destination of those who have put their trust in Jesus.  Death has lost its sting, and though pain may last for the night, joy comes in the morning.

empty tomb

Been broken?  Lost loved ones?  Seen injustice?  So have I, and Jesus will redeem all of it.  What do you put your faith in?

Be Blessed

Sean Trank


About Sean Trank

My name is Sean Trank. I aspire to help those who want to succeed. I am a promoter of many things and I love making good ideas known. I also have a unique sense of humor that has been honed and shaped from having a Jewish Christian background...or maybe it is because my childhood house had lead-based paint. Ok so please explore this website .

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  1. Chris says:

    Reflects my thoughts too. Good word!

    Sent from my iPod

  2. I knew of Rick Warren since my daughter and I were both baptized at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest CA. God used Rick to bring me to Y’shua. My daughter called me immediately after she learned about Rick’s son. if it wasn’t for the kind words that Pastor Rick said at the Sunday before I received Salvation, I wonder if I would have listened. Frankly the reference to “dirty rags” would never have softened my heart and be open to salvation. I appreciate your website and I can’t get over how becoming a Messianic Jew has changed me forever. I too have a website which I share my life as it has been since the day in February 2003 that I let Y’shua into my life.

  3. Hey Sean, thanks for sharing this. I pray that Rick Warren’s son knew Jesus personally. I too experienced the death of a family member to suicide; he lived in the chains and bondage of this world. Depression held him down and the enemy perpetrated his mind with negative and hopeless though. The only good news about his death was how he accepted Messiah Yeshuah’s salvation before he died. For many, death is such freedom. When an individual passes away, how many times will someone say, “They’re in a better place now.” How do you know? Did they accept Jesus as Messiah? Since when is separation from God a “better place?”

    Thanks for sharing this.
    In Messiah’s love,

  4. I wonder and don’t know, if Rick Warren had as personal a relationship with his son as he did with ‘Jesus’ . It would seem to me that if Rick W. had such a close, personal relationship with his Lord and Saviour, he would have found ways to help with his son’s depression. I myself, went through a serious depression where I was wanting to die. What got me out of it and thank God, was keeping a journal, where I learned to attend to myself, and where I’m coming more and more to have a firm belief in Spirit, the Spiritual world, us all as spiritual beings in a physical body, that will one day come to its end, but The Spirit will live on, and possibly through Our Kids, and their Kids, and so on. All the way down the line. So be careful what you say. Be careful how you act. We are here to impart wisdom where we can. To pass it on in the hope that the future generations will be better able to comprehend and not feel shackled.

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