Is God a Lion or a Lamb?


When I think about who God is I often think about what the Bible reveals about God.  I see a God who creates, who upholds right and wrong, who saves, who is jealous, who gives gifts, who destroys nations, etc.
It is often that I try to craft God’s character to my own and align God to match my own ideals and ethics.  This is perhaps the very reason that I stop hearing from God because I have stuffed him in my very defined and human box.  I think I have God pegged as my genie in the bottle that will bail me out when I pray.

God boxedVery soon after coming to this very limited and pathetic human conclusion, God breaks out of my box and shows me that I have been worshiping my own god that does not even have .01% of the power that God has.  This is not just my error, this is the error of all human religion as we try to make God in our own image and we become enemies of the living God who created us.


The truth is that God does and continues to surprise us.  For example, the Jewish people were promised a Messiah, a person from the line of David who would sit on his throne and rule forever (2 Samuel 7).   Isaiah spoke of this Messiah and said that he would suffer and die for the people (Isaiah 53).   David wrote a psalm of how this man would not stay dead (Psalm 16:10).  Daniel wrote the exact time that this man would arrive and that he would be cut down (Daniel 9).  Isaiah says that this man would pay for sin (Isaiah 53).   Jeremiah says he will bring peace and the nations will know God (Jeremiah 31:12).

Lion lambSo the confusion comes when we try and rely on our human understanding to interpret these things.  The Jewish leadership decided that since the Messiah had to die and also had to not die, then there must be two Messiahs, either a Lion or a Lamb.  Sure that could work since there had been messiahs before.  Remember King David, Moses, any of the Judges, they all saved the people right?  So the expectation of what a “messiah” does is already set and the Jewish people did not expect anything different that a conquering Lion of a man who will over through the government and be king for a while.

This was not and is not the plan of God.  You can see God’s plan spoken plainly through the prophets and you can see the Jewish people blatantly take the parts that fit their expectations and reinterpret the rest.  Who would have known that God would become flesh and be both the Lion and the Lamb?  Who would have thought that God would give His only son, a Jewish concept by the way (Proverbs 30:4), to die for our sins.  That Jesus would rise from the grave three days later having now paid in full all sin and satisfied the wrath and judgment of God.  Perhaps it was the same reason Pharaoh did not let God’s people go, perhaps the hardening of the heart is very similar or the same as having a veil over your eyes (2 Corinthians 3:14).  It is because of Jewish rejection that the nations have received Jesus the Jewish messiah.

So while many Jewish people today say that the Messiah must:

  1. Be King
  2. Bring peace
  3. Make God known among the nations
  4. Rebuild the temple

I must point out that Jesus:

  1. Is King in heaven and His kingdom is being spread on earth.
  2. Brings peace in the heart which can only be achieved after sin has been conquered and relationship between God and human is restored.
  3. Caused the knowledge of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to spread to every nation for the last 2000 years and is still being preached.
  4. Is God’s temple, and the dwelling place of God was destroyed the day Jesus was put to death and was rebuilt three days later.  Revealing that the dwelling place of God was Jesus’ body and not just an Ark or building made by men.  (John 2:19)

It is often said that it is out of ignorance that a Jewish person comes to believe in Jesus.  Yet, how much more ignorant is it for my people to ignore the prophets, ignore that Jesus made claim to his own Messiahship, ignore that the Messiah is both a Lion and a Lamb.  Don’t follow the worldly teachings of the Rabbis, they are keeping God in a box.

kitten in boxIf you don’t know Jesus, look again.  If you think you know God and have him pegged may He destroy your tiny little box of human understanding and reveal the light of His truth to you.

Proverbs 3:5-6, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Be Blessed

Sean Trank

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About Sean Trank

My name is Sean Trank. I aspire to help those who want to succeed. I am a promoter of many things and I love making good ideas known. I also have a unique sense of humor that has been honed and shaped from having a Jewish Christian background...or maybe it is because my childhood house had lead-based paint. Ok so please explore this website .

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  1. The Life of Mary says:

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Stay blessed!

  2. Dave Lewis says:

    Hi Sean,
    Remember the lady who is Jewish, who I got a Complete Jewish Bible, for?
    I got her a second one, because her daughter is really interested in the Bible, and is Jewish, Of Course!. Any way, you told me what I should put in the ible, I gave her, in the event she had not accepted Yeshua as her Messiah and Lord.
    Her daughter has the original Bible, and she has the second one.
    I Gave her a book I got at, that is “God’s Promises for Women”, in the bargain section, for 99 cents.
    My Mom got a book at one of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Conventionsm from Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, titled ‘Lord, Teach Me How To LOVE-Learning From The Ultimate Example”. She read it, and then she put it in her bedstand, and then a couple years later, she had a stroke, and passed on to heave. Before she went to the Heart Clinic for Kaiser, in San Francisco, she was at the Santa Rosa Kaiser. I went in to see her, and as I walked into her room, my Mom said to me “Jesus was just here talking with me about being able to come home, if she needed to”.
    God told my Mom to leave this book where it was, and then about a week ago, I was looking for “The Real Messiah- Prophecies Fulfilled, and there was the book “Lord, Teach Me How to Love”.
    My Brother and his Fiance are always getting blessed, and although I have been saved, and help the needy, by getting warm Down coats at Goodwill, and then giving them to my Brother, who works for Goodwill, at the Sonoma County Wellness Center, where they give them out to those who need warm jackets.
    God tells me when to stop at Goodwill for those things that I need.
    My Brother keeps telling me that I have to be more Loving of people, and to not always think and sometimes talk bad things about groups of people like the Homosexuals; because God created them also, and He Loves them also, But He doesn’t like what they are doing, and also will not ever bless them; but there are thousands of them who have been delivered from Homosexuality.
    Now that I have this book, God is telling me how to Love people.
    This book is not available on, any more, but they are at
    I got a copy for Lisa, who is the Jewish lady, who I bought the Bible for.
    I gave it to her at work yesterday, and she told me that she hates some people for their attitude, about something she didn’t elaborate on, but said “This will really help me to get over my hate, and maybe begin to be blessed by God.
    The book was #3.50 each plus $3.99 shipping; But it is written by a Holy Spirit filled pastor, and is God’s own Word.
    I think this book is just as important as the Holy Bible, because, as Jesus tells us in His Word, Everything in His Word works on LOVE.
    God Loved us so much, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believes that Jesus died for the sins of the world , and then went to hades, and conquerred Death, and then on the third day, God raised His Son, and is now at His right hand, in His kingdom. He who has done this, and has repented of their sin, and forgives all of those who have ought against them, will be saved and gain everlasting life.
    I also gave her a DVD from, titled “Our Amazing Universe”-God’s Fingerprints in His Creation”.
    There is a Protein trhat can only be seen through an Electron Microscope, which is God’s “Duct-Tape”, which holds our bodies together.
    It is in the shape of a CROSS.
    And then again, NASA has pointed a powerful Telescope at the center of the Whirlpool Galaxy, which is 450,000 Light Years away from earth.
    They have taken a picture of that point, and call it the X structure; But in the Picture, There is no way you can look at it and see an X. The Image in the Picture is a very larg CROSS; like maybe 80,000 miles high, and 20,000 miles wide.
    There is another DVD that talks about the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender” Agenda in the U.S.
    I’ve thought about it, and if I were not here, and able to give a testimony of what God has done for me, and am able to help someone see that Jesus is for the Jewish people as much as the Gentiles.
    Jesus is 100% Jewish. Those who are still waiting for the Messiah to come, will be too late, and in fact will be part of those who will return to Israel, in the end times, and then it says the Anti-Christ will kill 2 out of every three people in Israel. There will only be the 144,000 Ultra-Orthodox Jews, who will be left, and who God will Protect. The more Jewish people who accept Jesus as their Lord ands Messiah, now, will be spared that which is coming in the Tribulation Period.
    They are now under the New Blood Covenant.
    I am asking God to Bless Lisa and her Daughter, as they accept Jesus as their Lord and Messiah, and share with each other in the Word.
    I thank you very much for giving me you advice as a Jewish Believer in Jesus.
    Lisa said she is also involved in Jews for Jesus, in San Francisco.
    I would like to get a couple of books at, when I get another Electrical job, and some that are really great resources, for you, in your study of the Word; but I am not quite sure where to have it sent to.
    As a ember of Christian Book Distributors, I get another 20% Plus off the regular priced books, than the regular person would get them for.
    I don’t have enough money to give to Jews for Jesus, but I would like to get a couple of books that I think you would find very informative.
    I’m glad you are there, and you have helped me a lot, in how to approach people of the Jewish Faith, without making them mad.
    Thank you for your time.

    David Lewis

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