So as I was studying this weeks Parsha I came across the Kosher law in which it forbids the boiling of a kid (baby goat) in its mother’s milk.  Most atheists at this point would probably wig out and say “see look the bible is ridiculous what kind of barbaric iron age garbage is this!?”  Well just wait a minute angry atheist, maybe people understood things differently back in those days and you are just reacting to culture shock and need to chill out.  …Sorry back to goats.

Well many people have asked why, and here are a few answers from Yahoo Answers that might interest you.


I know this statement sounds gross.. but thinking about it..
Ive had a wonderful middle eastern dish where you saute up lamb (which is always the baby lamb, which is tender than adult sheep).. and then somewhat into the recipe.. you further boil the lamb chunks in spices along with a few cups of yogurt (what is yogurt made of? milk? and some come from sheeps, goats and cows, and they are obvously mother animals, cause the father animals dont give milk, right?).. so in essense.. you’ve might have already eaten baby goat in is mothers milk….

oh and just to shed some more light on this… if you’ve ever eaten a cheese burger.. then where does beef come from? a cow.. where does cheese come from? again a mother cow who gave milk to make the cheese.. so there ya go!… haha!.. sorry but you have to think about this…


Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk — A prohibition against imitating the superstitious rites of the idolaters in Egypt, who, at the end of their harvest, seethed a kid in its mother’s milk and sprinkled the broth as a magical charm on their gardens and fields, to render them more productive the following season. [See Deu_14:21].


if indeed there be sin, what could be worse than to take the milk of a mother, that is intended to nurture the baby she just birthed, and use it to cook her offspring???… that’s like one of the worst of abominations…. you just wouldn’t DO THAT….. not being a thinking, feeling, sentient being!!!


that’s still legal in Georgia

Why do you think God made this law?  If you need a reminder of what happened in this weeks Parsha check out the video below.

For you Pagans who actually want a recipe here you go

For other Jewish recipes like how to cook and etrog click here


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