Seems like a good investment right? Finding out how much gas a Dinosaur produced every year in order to determine the amount of methane produced and find out how much effect this has on the warmth of the earth… Well someone paid David Wilkinson from Liverpool John Moore’s University, and colleagues from the University of London and the University of Glasgow to get this valuable information.  They suggest the gas could have been a key factor in the warm climate 150 million years ago.  Obviously they assume certain factors like the age of the earth, but I will cut them a break on that and say this is just ridiculous.

For Dr Wilkinson, it was not the giants that were of interest but the microscopic organisms living inside them.

“The ecology of microbes and their role in the working of our planet are one of my key interests in science,” he told BBC Nature

As interesting as this research is I find it hard to justify the efforts in getting this information, but you never know.  Maybe if we can get all the living creatures of the world to stop farting the earth will get cooler, assuming it is getting warmer.


Well that’s all folks, stop farting and save the world.

Full article here

Be Blessed

Sean Trank


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