Health Sexually-thwarted fruit flies get drunk to further human science Published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 1:18 PM

Yesterday I read an article about how scientists did an experiment at the University of California, San Francisco to find out if sexual frustration had any correlation to alcohol addiction.

Star-Ledger Editorial Board reports,  In the experiment, scientists separated male fruit flies into two groups: One group–call it the “spring break” crowd–was allowed to freely mate with virgin females. The others were exposed only to females who had recently mated, and were therefore indifferent.

Next, the flies were given access to four straws, two of which had yeast and sugar, and two of which were spiked with 15 percent alcohol, slightly stronger than your typical cabernet. The frustrated flies, it turned out, were much more likely to go for the hooch.

Pretty weird right?  What if in the future, lonely people could just take a pill instead of spending all their money on booze.  Not sure if drug dependency is better than alcoholism but who knows?

That’s all folks read original article here

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Sean Trank


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