To understand Purim and why it is so amazing you must fist understand the entire history of the Jewish people and recount all the times people have tried to kill the Jews and have failed.  Purim is just one of those times.

Here is an Animation that will help you understand why Purim is so important.

As a child I always thought Purim was like the Halloween for Jewish kids, a time to dress up in costume and eat a plethora of candy and do cake walks and such.  Little did I know that Purim is all about God’s promises to the Jewish people to preserve them forever.  The irony is that most adults have also forgotten this.   If you go to Israel today and ask a Jewish person at one of the many “Mardi Gra” like parties they probably won’t know much of anything about God’s promises.  The holiday has simply been contextualized as a celebration of our own greatness.  Forgetting the God who saves is an all to common thing.  Seems to be a common trend as the Author of the book of Esther also forgets to mention God.

Here are some interesting facts about Purim:

  • God’s name isn’t even mentioned once in the entire Scroll of Esther.
  • The longest verse in the Bible is found in the Scroll of Esther (VIII: The original text contains 43 words while the English translation has 90.)
  • The day on which Purim is celebrated (14th of Adar) can never occur on, Sabbath. The 15th of Adar does occasionally fall on the Sabbath. The Jews of Jerusalem, who celebrate the 15th of Adar then must celebrate a “three day Purim”. On the 14th the Megillah is read; on the 15th the blessing “who wrought miracles” is recited; and on the 16th the Seudah (Purim Feast) takes place.
  • Queen Esther Street is found in the heart of Tel Aviv.
  • Last year Iran tried to destroy Esther’s grave site and claim the whole Purim story as a “myth” they also claim the holocaust to be a “myth”
  • In a speech of Hitler on-January 30, 1944, he said that, if the Nazis went down in defeat, the Jews could celebrate “a second Purim”.
  • The Hadassah organization was founded on Purim in 1912.- Hadassah is another name for Esther (Esther 11:.7).
  • A most curious fact is that Mordecai is said to have descended from King Saul and Haman from Agog, king of the Amalekites, whom Saul defeated. Many years after this battle their great great grandchildren met once again in the court of King Ahasuerus and relived the life and death struggle between Israel and Amalek.
  • Purim became in many lands the symbolic name for Jewish deliverance and whenever a Jewish community was saved from a horrible fate, from pogrom or exile which a Haman-like ruler tried to impose, the community would celebrate yearly, the day of rescue as a special, local Purim, in the same manner as the universal Jewish Purim.

Well I hope you all learned something…

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Be Blessed

Sean Trank



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