Four Months ago a user on called mtb333 posted a letter of apology from Generation X/Baby Boomers to the current generation.  This is what it said,:

“I am watching what is happening to the young people in this country and it breaks my heart.  I am 60, and I have never seen it this bad. When I was 19 I could easily accrue state funds that paid for college. There were jobs aplenty for anyone with even a high school education. Unions were still going strong, and if you bought a product it was made in the USA. I am so sorry, so deeply sorry, that for all the marching and fighting the system that I did back then, it did not change the greed and corruption that prevails today. I could not bring down the military industrial complex by myself. I thought Vietnam had taught us all a lesson. I am so sorry, young people. So deeply sorry.”

So this post has gotten a ton of attention in these last four months and I wrote this letter back to mtb333,:

“Dear mtb333,

Apology accepted,  

I also have been watching what has been happening to the old people in this country and it breaks my heart.  I am 26, and I have never seen it this bad.  When I was 19 I was told that student loans were bad and Jr. college was the next step.  In school I was preached at about how the government has been lying to us about everything and that I should form my own ideas/ be against anything American.  I watched as students around me bought into this belief and became leaches of society instead of contributors.  Instead of finding good in the system and work towards it, my peers would only find bad and point out problems with no solution.  This is what we were taught to do by a disgruntled generation who had Raged Against the Machine and now were vicariously living through the next generation.  The Machine is not the problem, the problem is our attitude.  Destroying the Machine is not the solution and neither is camping on streets and violently opposing authority.  We were taught to destroy and never taught to build.  We were taught to feel unsatisfied and never fulfilled.  We were taught hate and that freedom kills.  And now we are all paying the price.  But it cannot be blamed on one person, group, or generation, it is our choice and the choice of every generation.  To seek peace or war.  Love or hate. Life or death.  Sin or Righteousness.  Our generation abandoned “In God we Trust” and took on “In We I Trust” and put on hate instead of love.  When you abandon your foundation the house will fall and we have fallen hard.  But there is Hope…

There is a peace that you can have in the midst of the storm.  It happened in your generation and it will soon happen in mine.  This peace surpasses all understanding and there is only one place you can find it.  Jesus was mocked, beaten, and killed by the authorities after living a perfect life.  He died for the sin of all humanity and has risen from death.  This is good news for all who seek peace.  It means that death is nothing to fear and persecution is only temporary.  It means that nothing is impossible for God.  God can save all who need saving and no school debt, tax, lack of jobs, poverty is to much for God to handle.  We have learned from Vietnam that we cannot rely on ourselves to change things for the better, but only on God.  The Beatles are right, “all you need is love.”  But only Jesus can give you transforming love, because only Jesus brings salvation.

Let us all take responsibility for our inability to love one another and Trust God again to give us love.

Be Blessed

Sean Trank

If you were offended or disagree with my letter, please write a comment and tell me what you think the solution is.


About Sean Trank

My name is Sean Trank. I aspire to help those who want to succeed. I am a promoter of many things and I love making good ideas known. I also have a unique sense of humor that has been honed and shaped from having a Jewish Christian background...or maybe it is because my childhood house had lead-based paint. Ok so please explore this website .

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  1. Pete Certain says:

    Nice post. I think a huge problem here is people’s entitlement issues. Of course I don’t think we should lay down and let the government roll over us, but I am grateful I was born in this country with this government when there are so many people in a way worse situation than we are in.

  2. garrymoore says:

    hi to all seantrank.wordpress.comers this is my frst post and thought i would say a big hello to yous –
    thanks speak soon
    g moore

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