“Get a Jewish education and then you will see that it is impossible to believe in Jesus!” A Orthodox Jewish man yells at me as I film him interacting with a Jews for Jesus missionary. I couldn’t help myself I retort back “Tell that to Paul!” The orthodox man looks confused. I’m sure he has no idea who Paul is but oh well it made sense. Paul was a Jew of Jews, a persecutor of the early Church turned preacher. The coolest conversion story ever. Paul was a Rabbi who, soon after the death and resurrection of Jesus, took the initiative to imprison believers in Jesus, other Jews. At this time his name was Saul and everyone knew about him. He was the champion of the religious and according to his own righteousness he was able to judge those who were not religious, specifically Christians. Saul was as educated as any Rabbi could be, He knew the law and he knew how to keep the law according to his Rabbis. But something happened to Saul that rocked his world.

More than getting knocked of his horse, Saul was completely transformed instantly by God through the appearance of Jesus. What changes? Saul becomes Paul, he is no longer trusted by the Jewish community and for a while he is not trusted by Christians either. Paul has been completely humbled by Jesus. His world view has been shattered and replaced by God’s view. Paul becomes the property of God to bring the Gospel to the Gentiles (Nations.) This task seems so daunting especially when the Nations have no concept of God or Jesus or anything other than worshiping the tangible things around them. Looking at Paul reminds me that it is not our power that we can convince anyone about God, it is in fact God who bends down and reveals who He is through scripture. Paul never added his own two-cents to the Gospel. Paul knew scripture, he was educated in it. When he came to faith Scripture did not change neither did his education. What changed was that a spiritual veil had been removed and Paul was given a Godly perspective.

This finally brings me to my point!!!!! You can be educated until you die and read all the smartest books and learn from the wisest teachers, BUT until God removes the veil and gives you His perspective on things you know nothing. The key to knowing God is seeking His face through prayer, reading of scripture, and earnestly seeking Him. Here is how it starts, Jesus said “I am the Way the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through the Son” Believe that what Jesus is saying here is true. This is called Faith. Faith grows and as it grows it becomes more secure as you see prayers being answered and you see God revealing Himself through scripture.

So here is my challenge to you. Is your faith in Jesus? Or are you trying to reach God in your own power or through spirituality, religiosity, or how ever your community tells you? If you are living by faith how does this bear fruit?

Following God is not a formula, it is a relationship.


About Sean Trank

My name is Sean Trank. I aspire to help those who want to succeed. I am a promoter of many things and I love making good ideas known. I also have a unique sense of humor that has been honed and shaped from having a Jewish Christian background...or maybe it is because my childhood house had lead-based paint. Ok so please explore this website .

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  1. andersbranderud says:

    Shalom Sean!

    I want to comment about what you wrote about coming into a relationsship with the Father.

    Lets’ compare NT with what the Hebre Bible teaches about ‘salvation’:
    As stipulated in Deuteronomy. 6:4-9,11:13-21 one is required to keep all of the directives of Torâh′ to one’s utmost—viz., “with all one’s heart, psyche and might [lit. “very”]“—”for the purpose of extending your days and the days of your children… like the days of the heavens above the earth” (i.e., eternal life). According to the Hebrew Bible, Ezekiel chapter 18 et.al, the Creator confer His atonement in His loving kindness to those and only those turning away from their Torah [Books of Moses]-transgressions and (re)turning to non-selectively observance of the commandments in the books of Moses. Everyone has transgressed the commandments in the books of Moses and it is possible to obtain forgiveness from the Creator in His loving kindness when living in the above way. The Creator has promised this in His Bible – which is in Hebrew – and He doesn’t lie.

    John 3:16 and other NT-passages of the same theme are very problematic since they both add to Torah and subtract from Torah. Belief in ‘Jesus’ does not lead to eternal life according to Torah. It can never have been taught by the Torah-observant Jew called Y’hoshua – the Jewish Messiah. Y’hoshuas teachings were heavily redacted by Christians [Documentation: http://www.netzarim.co.il ]

    All the best, Anders

    • Sean Trank says:

      Thanks for the comment Anders,

      In addressing the salvation issue, there are a few things I need to point out here, Deuteronomy. 6:4-9,11:13-21 gives a calling to keep the law in mind, body, and soul; so basically all of your being. The promise given is for rain and good harvest and basic prosperity which is true we see God honoring this promise for the Children of Israel many times. Jesus, points out Matthew 15:8-9 “‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.'” So already you see how difficult keeping this command is. Keeping the law is important but keeping it for the right reason is more important. With Jesus we no longer keep the law out of fear but out of worship to God.

      So this is what we need to find out, Who is this Jesus? Who does Jesus claim to be? If Jesus is God as John 1 claims than we as Jews have rejected God because we did not understand God’s plan just as we did not understand God’s laws.

      We also can look at Temple Sacrifice which was commanded by God for atonement and see that Today Jews are not atoned according to Hebrew scripture and can never be atoned Biblically because the Temple is gone and many Jews are in foreign lands. It is interesting that the same thing of people who rejected Jesus also decided that Mitzvote (Good Deeds) and observance can replace the sacrifices.

      I believe that Jesus is the Messiah that Daniel predicted in Daniel 9 and Jesus came to die and suffer for the sin of humanity. Just as God provided Abraham a ram to sacrifice in the place of Isaac, so has God given His only Son in the place for us. Jesus kept all of God’s laws according to God not man and by doing so He conquered death which is the what sin brings.

      Jesus said He will be returning and though no one knows the day or the hour, those who believe have been made sanctified by His sacrifice and have been given a commission to share, not force, the good news that Jesus is our savior from sin.

      Again thanks for writing, the Bible is an amazing gift from God. Keep seeking God through His word and God will reveal many things.

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